CROLIS Ginza is the salon set up in pursuit of beauty.

ESTHETICS(Facial & Body)

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Beauty Programme

Our program is proud of the effectiveness and sustainability of treatment.
We use technique and products developed for the beauty women wish to obtain, based on scientific and physiological facts. (We do not use animal tested products.)



All treatments have legs warm bath and head massage.

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Ultrasound treatment
+ hand lymph small face correction treatment
+ special treatment
90 minutes
12,500 yen
Flabby skin, swelling face, nasolabial fold, dull skin, moisturizing
Ultrasound machine exercise pulls up your facial muscles. Finish up with pack, skin lotion, and skin cream needed for your skin at the time. It further highlights your beauty. By repeatedly taking this treatment, you always keep your sharp small face.
Anti-Aging Treatment 60 minutes
9,800 yen
Aging, flabby skin, wrinkles, nasolabial fold, dull skin, dry skin, freckle
It is a treatment that uses plenty of micro-collagen elastin, which is an important ingredient for your skin. By special AHA25% peering, horny layer on skin surface will be taken away, and make it like a baby skin. Moisturizing ingredients of pack penetrate deep into your skin, and make it a youthful skin.
Whitening Silk Treatment 60 minutes
9,800 yen
Dull skin, pores, freckle, dry skin, stress
It is a treatment when your complexion is not in good condition, by sun-rays, stress, fatigue, and the lack of hormone balance etc. Skin can lose its original whiteness by various factors, but our innovative brightening ingredients directly attack the melanin while at the same time protecting vitamin C.
Campaign price / monthly cell 100 minutes
19,800 yen
All problems due to aging
This treatment uses the most advanced technique that directly works on skin cells, applying the Swiss cell treatment technology. Once a month treatment keeps your healthy and fresh skin.

Facial options for maintaining the effect of treatment

Detoxification 2,000 yen
Surprising Pack 2,000 yen
Anti-Stress W Pack 4,000 yen
Collagen Pack 2,000 yen
Cell Activation Pack 2,000 yen
AHA25% Peering 4,500 yen
AHA50% Peering 5,500 yen
Pore deep cleansing 2,000 yen
Small face lymph and muscle lift up 2,500 yen
Low-frequency lift up 2,000 yen
Decollete care 3,000 yen



Body Oil Massage 60 minutes 8,800 yen

90 minutes 12,500 yen
Intensively massage where you are tired, such as stiff shoulders and swollen legs. Effectively massage stiffness of body and also work on cellulite in a short period of time.
Hot stone massage treatment 60 minutes
7,800 yen
Basalt of Hawaii heals your nerves, and you feel the warmness of the stone working on cellulite. Coconut oil well penetrate into your skin, and it will accelerate your blood circulation and make you beautiful from inside the body.

Body Options

Shoulder neck scapula massage 2,500 yen
Back scrub and whitening 3,000 yen
Hot Stone 3,000 yen
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